Ways to Add Print Media to Your Marketing Strategy

Print Media is not dead. I believe it’s very much alive. However, you have to approach it a little differently these days.

Social Media is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing and advertising. It’s most cost effective and easier to target your audience. But, with Print Materials or Print Media you can be more creative and really capture your brand voice and feel in a tangible way.

The Stats

Most of the stats that I saw during my research were negative. We all know that print ads and its revenue is lower than digital marketing efforts. Conversely, there are some positives. Consumers who see print ads tend to visit the advertiser’s website—up 27% in 2020. That was only 12% back in 2009. So, there is some increase. Although, the vast majority of digital ad attention is high, attention to print ads has doubled since 2009, from 23% to 49% in 2020. Furthermore, 95% of people under 25 years old read magazines. So, there is a niche. Now, we maximize those numbers by leveraging the facts.

How Will This Help Marketing Efforts?

Simple observations can be made. Think about it, after seeing your digital ad for Eco Friendly bedding on Facebook, people in your demographic areas receive a Postcard with beautiful imagery, a family eating holiday cookies in a cozy scene with your bedding. Add a coupon code and they are likely to purchase or make a mental note of your company. Please don’t forget to add that the postcard is recyclable.

Are you a fashion brand? You can get in on the action too. A small look book with a few pages set up like a catalog and edited to the GODS! Readers are defiantly checking out your offer or heading to your social media pages. You may already have in house designers that are eager to jump on this project. So, you won’t need to outsource much.

What Are Your Options

Real World Examples

A few examples that you may be familiar with are Amazon. They sent me a magazine with book recommendations in it. Normally, I just read online business articles and such but after receiving that magazine in the mail I started buying books and reading on the Kindle app (powered by Amazon). So, it worked; for me at least. Sometimes, we get postcards and magnets from contractor companies or carpet cleaners. I add them to the side of the fridge and refer to them when I need a service. I am positive you can come up with some ideas to add to your digital marketing strategy. Good luck and don’t forget to tell your stories. I’ll be reading your stories.

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