7 Best Selling Merch Ideas that are Valuable

Do you ever think about ways to advertise your service-based business effortlessly?

Sure, you have social media, which is a powerhouse in itself, you have a beautiful SEO optimized website, and possibly word of mouth. In my opinion you have room for one more channel…. MERCH! Yes, I yelled it. It’s something that I think more business moguls, such as yourself, should turn towards.

The Stats

When you think of Merchandise you think of a popular retail chain that sells apparel, however, you are a service-based business you don’t have a store front, or display counter. You need your customers to be your store front, they need to have your services displayed on them, creatively, in some way. According to Statista.com; the revenue of the global apparel market was calculated to about $1.5 trillion, in 2021. That’s an incredible number. The apparel market in the US in dominated by NIKE, which sales athleisure wear and shoes. How about you tap into this market?

How Will This Help Marketing Efforts?

When you walk around and see someone in a dope hoodie, hat, jacket, headband, phone case, etc. You ask, “Where did you get that …?” They tell you; you may look it up, or you may not, however that’s a walking Buildboard for that item. As a service-based business you aren’t providing tangible products, so you have to create them. The customers you help with your services will be thrilled to rock a cute Tee or comfy pullover adorned in your logo, company slogan, or patterns that are on brand. Therefore, helping you create brand awareness. We all need the “run errands” attire, so how about we have options from our favorite service-based businesses or content creators?

What are Your Options?

Real Word Examples

Some examples that I want to share with you are Jojo Siwa, Summer Friday’s, and a popular youtuber. They created their personal brand/Business then the merch to align.

Jojo Siwa started with offering her infamous hair bows, she wore them all the time then all the little girls, of course, wanted a bow too. Summer Fridays has a cult like following of skin care lovers, the founders created merch that mirrored the self-care nature of their products. Although, skin care is a tangible product, people don’t usually carry around their face wash, but they do wear pullovers. Pullovers and hoodies were one of the first item’s Summer Friday’s offered. People became walking build boards for the brand. Alisha Marie has a following of 3M on YouTube. She created clothing that mimicked her “over the top” “bougie” (which we love) aesthetic and promoted twining with the Youtuber by obtaining her limited-edition items.

Now that you are thinking about it, you can name a few companies or businesses that already offer such Merch. Brainstorm some items that you think will align with your services or brand voice and start creating. Do you need help brainstorming ideas contact us HERE for a strategy session.

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