I’m going to give it to you straight. That’s how we do it over here.

Most business owners feel like they need Social Media Managers to take care of their socials. But what if I told you only a few of them need an actual manager. I find after most of my discovery calls that business owners need a “thinker”. You need someone to think about what you’re posting, when you need to make it live and what to say. If you have the time to post on social media, then you don’t need a social media manager. Especially if you are not a product-based business.

Think about it this way. Its dinner time. I am more inclined to cook if someone else brings in the groceries and tell me what I’m making. Now, if I have to go get the food, think of what the meal should be, and then cook it…we’re eating cereal.

So think of our Social Media Strategy as the Instacart app and Pinterest in one. You’ll still do the cooking, the content creation, but we will do the thinking.

Content isn’t hard to get once we think about what kind of content will help your business goals. Once we come up with your strategy, you’ll have an epiphany. You’ll automatically see that your everyday life, business, workday are oozing content that you can use.

So, are you ready for a personally tailored Social Media Strategy? Yes! Good, because I’m ready to be your thinker.

Schedule a meeting below to tell me your needs and I will tell you what I can do for you. Let’s get to work!

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